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Artist of the Month



- Hanna Paloe -

Hanna Paloe, a St. Louis based visual artist, always tries to trigger imagination and soul searching with her art. Her distinctive blend of contemporary and traditional elements showcases a profound exploration of form, color, and cultural narrative. Paloe’s art invites viewers into a world where each piece tells a unique story.  Her exploration in painting and mixed media have been showcased in several exhibits, notably The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, The City Museum, and several art galleries and art shows in St. Louis and abroad.

Hanna's Art will be on display from April 5 - April 29 in scott hall of the Center for spiritual living. 

Her artwork is for sale!  Visit the rising thought bookstore to purchase.

Step into a world where hope resides behind every door. In her "Doors of Hope" exhibit, Hanna Paloe unveils her captivating collection, inviting viewers to explore the intricate narratives etched within each threshold. Amidst a troubled era thirsting for hope, her curation serves as a poignant reminder of the possibilities lying beyond closed doors. Beyond mere curiosity, Paloe finds in each door a sense of aesthetics, history, and personal identity, echoing with the promise of new beginnings. Through her lens, doors become portals to dreams fulfilled—a chance encounter, a fresh opportunity, or a sanctuary of warmth and conversation.  These doors are made from upcycled wood & furniture handles, metal pulls, and even pieces from clothing, and brass keys hidden on the side.

Moreover, know that 10% of the proceeds from this exhibit will contribute towards Paloe's noble endeavor, the "School Gardens for the Soul," which nurtures growth, beautifies spaces & lifts spirits in our local school communities.

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Call for Artists

Are you interested in showcasing your artwork at the Center for Spiritual Living, St. Louis? We are thrilled to extend an invitation to talented and visionary artists!

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